Fire doors

green fire exit door sign in a housing block If you have a front door to your flat that is a fire-rated door, then there’s some important information that you need to know.

As part of keeping you safe and to comply with new fire regulations, we have asked our contractor to carry out regular checks on fire doors.

For communal doors, they will check them every three months. For the door to your own home, they will come and inspect it once a year starting from February 2023.

This check will help ensure your door is still working as it should and meets the current fire safety standard. Please allow them access to your door.

They will not need to come into your flat, and by doing so, you’ll be helping to keep your family and neighbours safe.

Fire doors - do's and don’ts

Please do not:

  • Leave fire doors open - do not wedge them open.
  • Let anyone tamper with the door closing mechanism.
  • Let anyone tamper with the door or frame e.g. drilling holes into it.

Please do:

  • Report any damage to your own or a communal fire door quickly so we can come out and fix it.
  • Report any vandalism to communal doors that you may witness. We will need to take action against anyone who causes damage.
  • Check that your door and the communal doors nearest to you are working properly.

How can I check my own door or the communal doors near me?

You can help keep yourself and your neighbours safe by carrying out some simple tests every month:

Check that the door closes properly

To do this, you should open the door fully and let it go. The door should close fully into the frame without slamming. You should then open the door to around 15 degrees, then let it close. Again, it should close fully into the frame without slamming. 

Check the condition of the door

This includes any glass, door handle and locks and frame which should be in good condition. The frame should not have come loose and the door should fit snugly into the frame without being wobbly.

How to report any issues

To report any repairs that are needed to your fire door or a communal fire door, please email