Our survey says!

SHP carries out over 2,000 satisfaction surveys a year with residents. This year, we’re looking to increase this further because your feedback is vital to us and services we deliver.  

We use an independent company called IFF Research to carry out the surveys. They tell us, everything you say, the good and the bad. We use this feedback to improve the services we provide and the quality of your home. IFF makes calls from a landline number from the London area - 0203 148 7645. If they call, they'll explain who they are and ask if you're happy to complete a survey regarding SHP. It's completely up to you whether you'd like to take part in the survey, but your feedback is really valuable to us so we can improve the services you receive. 

Your survey responses are not shared with any other organisations or used for marketing purposes, and you can choose to remain anonymous if you'd prefer. We hope you can take part in the survey if IFF do call you. 

Whilst we don’t get everything right all the time, your feedback tells us we’re improving. This is because we are LISTENING and ACTING upon what you tell us. Below is a snapshot of some of the results - thanks for taking the time out to tell us what you think.


Improvement you Wanted

How we Acted


(Jan-March 2023 compared to Oct.-Dec 2022) 


On some of the more complex repairs, tenants were unsure that the repair would work or was complete 


On completing the works, our operatives now inform the tenant what work they have done and demonstrate that the repair is fixed

4% increase in Overall Service satisfaction to 84%


Estates / Caretaking

Improved communal cleaning in blocks and a cleaner estate 

Quicker response times on service requests, e.g. clearing leaves and spillages.

Block and estate inspections by our managers to ensure  service standards are being delivered.

“Community Walkabouts”, so we understand what’s required on your estate.

9% increase in Overall Service satisfaction to 83%

New Lettings

Improved updates and communications whilst waiting to move into their new home.

Weekly updates to tenants on their “move in” date with an explanation for any delay.

7% increase in Overall Service satisfaction to 84%

One of the things we are most proud of is that over 90% of residents were satisfied with the SHP officers delivering these services. A special mention goes out to our Estate Caretakers with a whopping 95% of tenants being satisfied with the customer service they receive. 


Yes, the satisfaction numbers are important but they’re only part of the story. We’re also looking at the comments you make on the surveys … over 2,000 of them! 


Below are some of the things you’ve told us. The vast majority being good but also some of the not so good. We value them just the same, celebrating the good and aiming to improve where needed.    


“He did a good job, was respectful, cleaned up after him in a quick time”. 

“It was done to perfection, did exactly what they needed to do.” 

“I was kept in the loop with updates throughout and I was happy.”


“They could have been a little bit more helpful in letting me know with what was happening”


“There is the caretaker Patrick who does an excellent job.” 

“They are very conscientious and do a good job and are polite”

“Twice a month grass cutting Every Monday cleaning no problem. Happy.”


“They offer a good service”

“Because they treat you like a human. She made me feel really listened to.” 


"Some issues took a while to be resolved".


Thanks for providing us with feedback and for making your home with Sutton Housing Partnership.