We understand pests are a nuisance and can become a health risk. We have made our responsibilities around pest control clearer, so you'll know what to do if they do become an issue.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for dealing with pests in your home. 

Infestations can be caused by many factors including poor waste disposal and the availability of food. You are also responsible for making sure steps are taken to avoid infestations. 

The British Pest Control Association have lots of useful information and advice for tackling pests on their website.

Sutton Council’s environmental health team provides information and a list of local pest control companies that you might want to employ on their website. The council does not provide pest control as part of its services.

Our responsibilities

SHP is responsible for preventing pests entering your home. We are responsible for dealing with pests when it is proven an infestation is due to a design fault or damage to the exterior of the property.

We can provide advice and seal up holes in the building where mice, rats, squirrels or birds are entering.

Where our contractors are unable to undertake their work due to pests, e.g. a wasp nest, we will employ a pest control company to deal with the pests so the work can be done.