Your Housing Manager

As an SHP tenant or leaseholder you have a dedicated Housing Manager who can help you with anything from managing your tenancy and rent, to resolving anti-social behaviour or getting support with your budgeting, employment or health and wellbeing.

You can arrange for your Housing Manager to meet you at home, or make an appointment to meet them at one of our Community Hubs or our Sutton Gate office.

Find out who your Housing Manager and find their contact details by searching for your street name and clicking on the link to your Housing Manager alongside it. 

Don’t forget - you can save time and report anti-social behaviourreport repairsmake a payment online, and request other services on this site.

Streets and their Housing Managers
Street Housing Manager
117 Harrow Road Adam Penfold
Abbotsleigh Close Emmanuel Olukotun
Abinger Close Margaret Baria
Acre Lane Sophie Henriques
Albion Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Albury Court Maria Kinal
Alcester Road Vacant - contact us
Alcorn Close Lara Pearson
Alexandra Gardens Lara Pearson
All Saints Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Alma Road Margaret Baria
Angel Hill Drive Sally-Ann Yeats
Antrobus Close Emmanuel Olukotun
Arlington Drive Jason Simpson
Assembley Walk Vacant - contact us
Aultone Way Jason Simpson
Balfour Road Lara Pearson
Bandon Rise Margaret Baria
Banstead Road Margaret Baria
Beadlow Charlotte Lunn
Beauclere House Emmanuel Olukotun
Beechtree Place Vacant - contact us
Beechwood Avenue Adam Penfold
Belmont - (Avenue Road) Sarah Holland-Baker
Belmont Road Sophie Henriques
Benhill Avenue Hilda Wood
Benhill Wood Road Maria Kinal
Benhilll Ave Hilda Wood
Bernard Road Sophie Henriques
Beulah Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Bisham Close Khai Nahar
Bisham Close Vacant - contact us
Bishopsford Road Helen Onanuga
Blake Close Charlotte Cummings
Blandford Close Margaret Baria
Blenhiem Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Bourne Way Emmanuel Olukotun
Brambledown Road Margaret Baria
Brandon Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Bridge Road Sophie Henriques
Bridges Lane Margaret Baria
Brighton Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Brighton Road (Shanklin) Sarah Holland-Baker
Brinkley Road Lara Pearson
Brookmead Road Margaret Baria
Browning Avenue Lara Pearson
Buckingham Way Adam Penfold
Bushey Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Bute Road Margaret Baria
Butter Hill Sophie Henriques
Byne Road Lewis Toop
Byron Gardens Maria Kinal
Caldbeck Avenue Lara Pearson
Calthorpe Gardens Sally-Ann Yeats
Camborne Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Cambridge Road Margaret Baria
Camden Road Jason Simpson
Canterbury Road Helen Onanuga
Carew Road Margaret Baria
Cedar Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Cedars Road Margaret Baria
Chale Walk Sarah Holland-Baker
Chaucer Gardens Emmanuel Olukotun
Chestnut Terrance Vacant - contact us
Christchurch Park (HHC) Emmanuel Olukotun
Church Hill Sophie Henriques
Clarence Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Clarence Road Sophie Henriques
Clarendon Road Margaret Baria
Clensham Lane Lara Pearson
Clifford Road Margaret Baria
Clifford Road Margaret Baria
Clouston Close Margaret Baria
Colburn Way Jason Simpson
Collingwood Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Compton Court Maria Kinal
Cooper Cres Jason Simpson
Courtney Crescent Lara Pearson
Cressingham Grove Hilda Wood
Crispin Close Margaret Baria
Crispin Crescent Margaret Baria
Critchton Avenue Margaret Baria
Crown Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Croydon Road Margaret Baria
Culvers Retreat Sophie Henriques
Culvers Way Jason Simpson
Dale Park Avenue Jason Simpson
Dalmeny Road Lara Pearson
Danescourt Crescent Sally-Ann Yeats
Darcy Avenue Margaret Baria
Demesne Road Margaret Baria
Denewood House Hilda Wood
Denmark Gardens Jason Simpson
Denyer/Iden Lewis Toop
Devonshire Road Sophie Henriques
Dibdin Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Dingwall Road Lara Pearson
Dorchester Road Helen Onanuga
Dorchester Road Lara Pearson
Downland Close Adam Penfold
Downside Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Dunsbury Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Eastway Margaret Baria
Elm Grove Vacant - contact us
Energiesprong Adam Penfold
Erskine Road Jason Simpson
Fellowes Road Jason Simpson
Fellowes Road Lewis Toop
Florian Avenue Maria Kinal
Frederick Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Fryston Avenue Adam Penfold
Gander Green Lane Emmanuel Olukotun
Garendon Road Helen Onanuga
Garratt Close Margaret Baria
Gauntlett Road Lara Pearson
Gauntlett Road Maria Kinal
Glastonbury Road Helen Onanuga
Glenrose House Hilda Wood
Grange Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Grassway Margaret Baria
Green Close Jason Simpson
Green Lane, Morden Helen Onanuga
Green Lane, Worcester Park Lara Pearson
Green Wrythe Lane Jason Simpson
Greenway Margaret Baria
Grennell Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Greyhound Road Maria Kinal
Grove Lane Adam Penfold
Guildford Way Margaret Baria
Guy Road Margaret Baria
Haines Walk Helen Onanuga
Halesowen Road Helen Onanuga
Hallowell Avenue Margaret Baria
Hannibal Way Margaret Baria
Harcourt Road Vacant - contact us
Harrington Close Margaret Baria
Harrow Road Margaret Baria
Hartland Road Helen Onanuga
Hazelwood House Hilda Wood
Henley Avenue Lara Pearson
Herald Gardens Sophie Henriques
Hexham Road Helen Onanuga
High Street Lara Pearson
Hillcrest Parade Adam Penfold
Hillcroome Road Adam Penfold
Hilldale Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Hilliers Lane Margaret Baria
Hillview Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Hollymead Jason Simpson
Holmwood Gardens Margaret Baria
Home Close Jason Simpson
Homedale House Hilda Wood
Homemead Road Margaret Baria
Hulverston Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Hunston Road Helen Onanuga
Hurstcourt Road Lara Pearson
Iberian Avenue Margaret Baria
Ivydene Close Maria Kinal
Johnson Close Jason Simpson
June Close Adam Penfold
Kelso Road Helen Onanuga
Keynsham Road Helen Onanuga
Keynshaw Walk Helen Onanuga
Kimpton Road Lara Pearson
Kingsmead Road Lara Pearson
Kinloss Road Helen Onanuga
Kirskstead Road Helen Onanuga
Langcroft Close Jason Simpson
Lavender Road Sophie Henriques
Lenham Road Adam Penfold
Lewis Road Vacant - contact us
Lindores Road Helen Onanuga
Lloyd Avenue Adam Penfold
London Road Sophie Henriques
Longlands Avenue Adam Penfold
Love Lane Helen Onanuga
Lovett Drive Maria Kinal
Ludlow Vacant - contact us
Lumley Road Lara Pearson
Lymescote Gardens Lara Pearson
Lymescote Gardens Sally-Ann Yeats
Lynwood Avenue Adam Penfold
Maldon Road Cheam Lara Pearson
Maldon Road Wallington Vacant - contact us
Mallinson Road Margaret Baria
Manor Place Maria Kinal
Marfleet Close Lewis Toop
Marlborough Road Lara Pearson
Maynooth Gardens Sophie Henriques
Melbourne Road Vacant - contact us
Meller Close Margaret Baria
Mellows Road Margaret Baria
Middleton Road Khai Nahar
Milford Grove Maria Kinal
Mill Lane Jason Simpson
Millest Place Vacant - contact us
Mount Park Margaret Baria
Muschamp Road Jason Simpson
Nettlecombe Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Neville Walk Charlotte Lunn
New Road Sophie Henriques
Newent Close Charlotte Cummings
Newent Close Charlotte Lunn
Newlyn House Hilda Wood
Newstead Walk Helen Onanuga
Nightingale Road Jason Simpson
North Street (inc Tyrell) Jason Simpson
Northway Margaret Baria
Oakhill Road Maria Kinal
Oakmead Road Margaret Baria
Oldfields Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Oliver Road Lara Pearson
Olveston Walk Charlotte Lunn
Onslow Gardens Margaret Baria
Orchard Avenue Sophie Henriques
Orchard Road Sophie Henriques
Osney Walk Charlotte Lunn
Oxford Road Margaret Baria
Paisley Close Charlotte Cummings
Palmerston Rd Sutton Maria Kinal
Palmeston Road Jason Simpson
Park Lane Sophie Henriques
Parkfields Close Sophie Henriques
Pembury Close Adam Penfold
Percy Road Sophie Henriques
Pershore Grove Charlotte Lunn
Peterborough Road Khai Nahar
Petersham Close Emmanuel Olukotun
Pipewell road Charlotte Lunn
Plough Lane Close Margaret Baria
Pond Hill Gardens Lara Pearson
Porchfield Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Prince Charles Way Sophie Henriques
Quarr road Charlotte Lunn
Radcliffe Gardens Lara Pearson
Rectory Lane Margaret Baria
Regal Crescent Sophie Henriques
Reigate Avenue Helen Onanuga
Revesby Road Charlotte Lunn
Rewley Road Charlotte Lunn
Richland Avenue Adam Penfold
Richmond Vacant - contact us
Richmond Road Margaret Baria
Ridge Road Lara Pearson
Ripley Gardens Maria Kinal
Robertsbridge Road Khai Nahar
Robinhood Lane Sally-Ann Yeats
Roche Walk Charlotte Lunn
Rookley Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Rookwood Avenue Margaret Baria
Roseberry Gnds Vacant - contact us
Rosehill Court/St Helier Ave Khai Nahar
Royal Walk Sophie Henriques
Rushen Walk Charlotte Cummings
Salcott Road Margaret Baria
Sandhills Margaret Baria
Sandy Lane North Margaret Baria
Sandy Lane South Margaret Baria
Sawtry Close Charlotte Lunn
Selby Green Charlotte Lunn
Selby Road Charlotte Lunn
Seven Acres Lewis Toop
Seymour Road Sophie Henriques
Shaftesbury Rd Charlotte Lunn
Shanklin Sarah Holland-Baker
Shap Crescent Charlotte Lunn
Shearing Drive Maria Kinal
Sherborne Cres Charlotte Lunn
Shirley Road Margaret Baria
Shrewsbury Road Khai Nahar
Sibton Road Charlotte Lunn
Simms Close Lewis Toop
Southway Margaret Baria
Spooner Walk Margaret Baria
Springclose Lane Lara Pearson
St Agatha's Charlotte Lunn
St Albans Charlotte Lunn
St Albans Road Emmanuel Olukotun
St Andrews Road Jason Simpson
St Benets Grove Helen Onanuga
St James Road Jason Simpson
St Johns Road Jason Simpson
St Nicholas Way Sally-Ann Yeats
St Paul's Close Charlotte Cummings
St Philips Avenue Lara Pearson
Stancliffe House Hilda Wood
Stanhope Road Lara Pearson
Stanley Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Stanley Road Lara Pearson
Stanmore Gardens Sally-Ann Yeats
Stannet Way Margaret Baria
Stavordale Road Charlotte Cummings
Stayton Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Stonecot Lara Pearson
Stoneleigh Rd Charlotte Lunn
Sutton Common Road Lara Pearson
Sutton Grove Maria Kinal
Tavistock Road Lewis Toop
Tavistock Walk Lewis Toop
Tewkesbury Road Charlotte Cummings
The Green, Carshalton High Street Sophie Henriques
The Mount Adam Penfold
The Ridgeway Emmanuel Olukotun
The Square Sophie Henriques
The Square Sophie Henriques
Thicket Crescent Lara Pearson
Thicket Road Lara Pearson
Thomas Wall Close Sally-Ann Yeats
Thornton Road Charlotte Cummings
Thornton Road (204 only) Adam Penfold
Throwley Way Sally-Ann Yeats
Tintern Road Charlotte Cummings
Titchfield Road Charlotte Cummings
Titchfield Walk Charlotte Cummings
Torre Walk Lewis Toop
Travellers site Adam Penfold
Travellers site extension Adam Penfold
Tweeddale Road Charlotte Cummings
Twyford Road Charlotte Cummings
Upper Road Margaret Baria
Vale Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Victoria Road Sally-Ann Yeats
Waltham Road Lewis Toop
Wandle Road Margaret Baria
Washington Road Lara Pearson
Welbeck Road Maria Kinal
Welbeck Walk Maria Kinal
Welhouse Road Lewis Toop
Wellesley Court Lara Pearson
Wellow Walk Lewis Toop
Wendling Road Lewis Toop
West Street Sally-Ann Yeats
West Street & Old Swan Yard Jason Simpson
Westminster Road Lewis Toop
Westover Close Sarah Holland-Baker
Whitby Gardens Lewis Toop
Whitby Road Lewis Toop
Whitethorn Avenue Adam Penfold
Whitland Road Lewis Toop
Wigmore Road Lewis Toop
Wigmore Walk Lewis Toop
Wilcox Road Sally-Ann Yeats
William Street Jason Simpson
Wimborne Close Lara Pearson
Winchcombe Road Maria Kinal
Windborough Road Lara Pearson
Woburn Road Lewis Toop
Woburn Road Lewis Toop
Wolseley Road Sophie Henriques
Wood Street Sophie Henriques
Woodcote Road Margaret Baria
Woodmansterne Road Lara Pearson
Woodville House Hilda Wood
Worcester Road Emmanuel Olukotun
Worcester Road (Kingslee Court) Emmanuel Olukotun
Wrythe Lane Jason Simpson
Yarbridge Close Sarah Holland-Baker
York Street Sophie Henriques