Your legal requirements and lease conditions when subletting your property

As an SHP leaseholder you need to be aware of the following requirements.

Residential use

You must let out your property for use as a residence only. Using your property for business purposes, including short lets or Airbnb, is not permitted under your lease.


Some leases allow letting to one household only. This means letting only to members of the same family or people in a relationship. Please check your lease to be sure of the requirements.

House in multiple occupation (HMO)

If you let your property to five or more people, in two or more households (where your lease allows) you may be creating a house in multiple occupation which requires a license from Sutton Council. If you create an HMO without a licence you may face prosecution and a fine.

Find out more about HMO licensing on Sutton Council’s website (opens in new window)


If you carry out alterations and improvements affecting the structure of your property you need to apply to SHP for consent. If you carry out structural work without consent we may require you to put the property back to its original condition.

If you plan any alterations please check our advice on leasehold alterations to find out if you need consent and how to apply.

Our leasehold compliance and safety inspections

Since 2019, we have visited leaseholders’ properties to check for hazards and ensure that any alterations have the appropriate permission. If we have not already visited your property we will arrange this over the next year. The inspection is very important and takes between 10–15 minutes to complete. We can rearrange appointments to suit you.

If you have any questions about subletting, alterations or would like advice on your responsibilities, please contact the Home Ownership Team on or 020 8915 2020.