Neighbours shouting and arguing

We would not usually consider this to be anti-social behaviour unless this was persistent.

Our primary concerns in relation to shouting and arguing would relate to potential domestic abuse or a safeguarding issue.

  • You may want to have a friendly word with your neighbour as they may not be aware you can hear them. We have put together some tips to help you resolve problems with neighbours. You can also download our concern card (PDF 44KB).
  • If you think it may be domestic abuse, have a look at our domestic abuse page, where we have developed some guidance on what help is available. If you are concerned about someone, please tell us. The Housing Manager will contact you and make discreet enquiries. If you are concerned that someone is in danger, call 999. Reporting it could save someone from serious harm.
  • If you still feel you are being disturbed, we suggest you contact Sutton Council's Environmental Health Team on 020 8770 5000. If they take enforcement action, we may use this as evidence against the person responsible if appropriate. This may result in tenancy enforcement action.
  • If the situation has not improved, mediation might be of help to you. Mediation is an informal, confidential and independent service available to help neighbours sort out their differences and reach an agreement. Our internal mediators can help you and your neighbour(s) reach an amicable resolution. Please ask your Housing Manager for further details. 
  • If the behaviour is persistent and you are concerned for the welfare of your neighbour, their children or family members, you should report a safeguarding concern for an adult or report a safeguarding concern for a child and/or contact the Police.
  • All persistent incidents of anti-social behaviour should be recorded on our diary sheets (DOC 695KB).   

If you have concerns about the immediate welfare of an adult or child in the household, you should phone the police on 999.

How to make a report

If you want to report persistent noise from neighbours shouting and arguing, please use our form below. 

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) report form

You can attach your completed diary sheets (DOC 695KB) when you make your report.

Read our tips for reducing noise in the home to minimise disturbance to neighbours.