Leasehold major works and consultation

Leaseholders are responsible for contributing to the costs of works to their block and estate, e.g. decorating, repairing the structure including the roof, or maintaining installations in the block such as lifts. Your lease agreement will explain what you are responsible for.

Major works statements

Major works statements are issued annually. See the documents below for more information.

When we must consult leaseholders

SHP must consult leaseholders about major work and services in specific circumstances.

  • Major works - When SHP will be charging a leaseholder £250 or more toward works.
  • Services - When a leaseholder contribution will be more than £100 in a financial year and the contract is for longer than 12 months.

What happens after the consultation

We will write to each leaseholder and any recognised tenants associations affected by the plans. This is known as the ‘Notice of Intention’.

You can inspect a description of the work, give any comments you may have and may be able to suggest a contractor to do the work.

Once we have estimates, we will send you a notice of estimate with details of the work. You can look at the quotes and make comments. This notice will include any comments received following an initial notice. In some circumstances we may send you a further notice.