Reducing your fuel bills

There are many things you can do to try and reduce your fuel bills. Below are some schemes and tips to help you save energy and links to government help for financial support if you're on a low income. 

image of a thermostat being turned down Compare and save

We are working with Energy Angels who provide a free and impartial energy comparison service that you can use at any time. 

To use this free service, visit the Energy Angels website, call 01902 585503, or contact your Housing Manager who can make a referral on your behalf.

Saving energy at home: some tips

You also can reduce your bills by following these energy-saving tips:

  • shut outside doors
  • close curtains at night
  • shut all windows, unless you need ventilation
  • turn the room thermostat down as far as you can, while still remaining comfortable
  • wear warm clothes in winter
  • turn off the heating in late spring and summer
  • boil only the water you need rather than filling the kettle completely
  • don’t leave appliances like televisions in standby mode; they still use electricity; instead, switch them off properly at the ‘off’ switch
  • turn off all lights when you don’t need them.

Government help

Winter fuel payments

You may be entitled to winter fuel payments from the government.

Warm home discount scheme

If you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit or are on a low income, find out about the government's Warm Home Discount Scheme

Cold weather payment

If you’re getting certain benefits or Support for Mortgage Interest you may be eligible to get a Cold Weather Payment