Managing your tenancy

Update your details

It is important that we have correct and accurate information on you and your household at all times. If you or your household circumstances change please report it to us.

Update your details


Anti-social behaviour (ASB) / Safeguarding

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour which causes harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people. Examples of ASB include:

  • noise nuisance

  • verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment

  • violence, domestic violence and threats of violence

  • illegal activities e.g. drug dealing

  • hate speech or behaviour against a person’s disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation


We take ASB seriously and are committed to dealing with it quickly, fully and effectively.


If you carry out ASB we will investigate and may take action against you. This could include taking back your home and evicting you.

Report anti-social behaviour

Report a safeguarding issue



Tenants who have a secure tenancy have the right to pass their tenancy on to a family member when they pass away. Contact Us for more information

Tenancy Succession Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 2MB 



Tenants who have a secure tenancy have the right to assign their tenancy to another person in certain circumstances. Contact Us for more information


Move House - Mutual Exchange

Tenants have the right to assign a tenancy to another tenant, commonly known as your ‘Right to Exchange’ or a ‘Mutual Exchange’.

Move Home (Mutual Exchange)


End a tenancy

If you intend to end your tenancy and leave your home, you need to tell us before you do so.

If a tenant dies, we will need to know so that we can end their tenancy. 

End a tenancy

Report the death of a tenant