Service charge and mortgage arrears

It is a condition of your lease that you pay for the services that you receive. This money, along with the rent paid by council tenants, pays for the services we deliver to council properties and estates. It is important that you pay your share of the costs. Sutton Housing Partnership, acting as the council’s managing agent, has a duty to make sure that we collect the money you owe.

Problems paying your service charge

Your service charge is considered a priority debt, so it's also important that if you are a leaseholder you seek help if you are having difficulty paying it. 

If you do not pay your service charge we may refer your debt to solicitors which will result in legal costs added to your debt. A court judgement will make it more difficult for you to access credit in the future. 

Please talk to us if you are struggling with paying your service charge.

Contact our Home Ownership Team or call 020 8915 2020 who can help with flexible payment plans.  

Problems paying your mortgage 

If you are struggling with your mortgage payments, you should speak to your mortgage provider immediately. Your lender can discuss your options with you and can offer suggestions, including:

  • temporary payment arrangements
  • lengthening the term of your mortgage, or
  • switching temporarily to interest-only repayments.

You can also get independent advice on the Money Helper website or read Shelter's advice on how to deal with mortgage arrears.

Other forms of help