Moving into your home

If you are in need of housing and want to apply for social housing in Sutton you can find out how by reading our apply for council housing page.

Moving in

If you are offered a home we will arrange a time for you to sign a tenancy agreement and move in. When you sign up you will:

  • sign a tenancy agreement

  • set up a direct debit or tell us how you’re going to pay your rent

  • make payment for your first weeks rent

  • get the keys to your home

When you sign up we will:

  • explain your rights and responsibilities

  • show you how to log in to your online account

  • show you how to make a payment, book a repair and check your account balance

  • make an appointment for your Housing Manager to visit you in 6 weeks and 8 months time.

Tenancy agreement

When you move in you will sign either an:

  • introductory tenancy

  • secure tenancy

  • licence agreement

Each tenancy has different terms and conditions and rights and responsibilities. If you want to discuss these or how they differ from one another please contact us.

If you have an introductory tenancy it will convert to a secure tenancy after 12 months. This may not happen if you have not kept to the terms and conditions of your tenancy. 

For more information see our tenancy conditions and tenancy handbook below.

Tenancy Conditions [pdf 140KB]

Tenants Handbook.pdf [pdf 1MB]

Useful links

Things to consider before you move in: