Tenancy sustainment

We provide tenancy sustainment services to residents who need support in managing their tenancy. This may take the form of short-term or long-term support but the aim is to help them overcome issue which may be stopping them managing their tenancy. 

Support is provided by dedicated officers who work closely with residents and other organisations. The types of issues that we will support residents to overcome include:

  • hoarding
  • drug or alcohol dependency
  • debt issues.

Financial inclusion

We provide a financial inclusion service to residents who require specific targeted support, advice and guidance to deal with money and debt issues. We will work with residents to identify barriers to financial inclusion. Advice, guidance and action includes:

  • analysing income and expenditure
  • issuing food vouchers
  • identifying savings from a residents outgoings.

Our page on managing your money also provides customers with help and advice on financial inclusion as well as signposting other organisations which provide help. 

The tenancy sustainment and financial inclusion services are both based on referrals made by SHP staff, Sutton Council and other partner organisations.

For more information on how SHP manage rental and service charge income from tenants, please read our Rent Collection Policy 2021.pdf [pdf] 110KB