Selling your leasehold home to us

Image of a houseSutton Housing Partnership is working with Sutton Council to increase the number of council owned homes in the borough. 

Our 'buy backs' scheme was launched in October 2017 and to date we've brought back more than 220 properties - meaning 220 more families have a home in the borough.

If you own a flat managed by SHP, we may be interested in buying the property back from you at full market value. We are particularly interested in one and two bedroom flats, but will consider some three bedroom flats.

The process is straightforward and you won't have to pay estate agent or valuation fees, just your own legal fees.

If you are interested in the scheme or would like more information, please email the Home Ownership Team at or call 0208 915 2020.

We are not accepting new applications at the moment, but expect to start again in late 2022 or early 2023.