Fire safety

We are committed to keeping residents safe in their homes by maintaining fire precautions in our properties and providing information and advice to residents.

Regular risk assessments are carried out to identify safety concerns and complete improvement works to address them.

We work with external regulators, including the London Fire Brigade, to check that we follow good practice for safety in our properties. We investigate accidents and incidents and review our health and safety performance with help from external experts.

We have a number of safety measures in place appropriate to the type of block concerned, many of which go beyond the legal requirements. These include:

  • A comprehensive professionally undertaken fire risk assessment programme with action plans to remedy any issues
  • Regular fire inspections and estate inspections
  • Emergency lighting in communal areas
  • Fire alarms in the communal areas of many larger blocks
Do you know your fire plan?

Information is provided in each building on what to do in the event of a fire and we ask residents to familiarise themselves with the details specific to their building and follow the directions given.

We also work very closely with the London Fire Brigade and ask residents to go to their website for further information about fire safety at home and making sure you know your fire plan.

If you have concerns about the safety of your home or wish to report an incident, please contact us.

Keeping communal areas clear

We have a zero tolerance approach to storing materials in communal areas. This means residents are not permitted to keep any personal items in communal areas including hallways, stairwells and landings.

We undertake regular inspections and have a Fire Safety in Communal Areas Policy. This policy sets out the need for all residents to ensure communal areas are kept clear and free from items which may hinder anyone getting in and out of the block in the event of an emergency.

Please help us to keep the block clear and safe and as always we encourage residents with any specific concerns about their home or block to contact us.

Balcony Safety 

Balconies are a great outdoor space, and can be fantastic for taking in some fresh air or sitting in the sunshine. However, please make sure that you stay safe. Fires that start on balconies can be devastating and it is important to follow some easy steps to avoid them - 

  • Never use a BBQ on the balcony;
  • Avoid having naked flames, such as candles or tealights;
  • Do not have electrical goods on the balcony;
  • Do not store flammable items or rubbish

The London Fire Brigade provides some great advice for outdoor cooking on their website.


Electrical Items

Faulty electrical items are the 4th biggest fire risk in the home. The highest risks range from using cheap counterfeit mobile device chargers, overloading extension cables, and unsuitable white goods that are not fit for purpose. 

Some easy steps to avoid electrical fires include:

  • Always use genuine chargers designed for your mobile device; avoid counterfeit cheap chargers and avoid leaving devices plugged in overnight;
  • Try and keep to one plug per socket, particularly for high powered appliances such as washing machines and tumble driers; avoid using extension cables wherever possible;
  • Where possible buy new electrical appliances (white goods) and always check that they have British and/or European safety marks; 
  • Keep electrical appliances / white goods in clean and good working order, such as regularly emptying the fluff from the tumble drier.

The London Fire Brigade provide some great advice for managing your electrical items on their website.


Smoking in the home

Smoking is the number one cause of fatal fires in the home. The best advice is to quit, but if that is not an option then always follow these steps to stay safe and avoid fires - 

  • If possible smoke outside, it is much safer;
  • Always make sure cigarettes are put out completely and always use a proper ashtray on a stable surface;
  • NEVER smoke in bed, and be extra careful smoking whilst sitting on soft furnishings;
  • Empty ashtrays regularly, do not allow them to overflow;
  • ALWAYS keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children

The London Fire Brigade provide some great advice about smoking safely on their website.


Candle safety

In 2018 over 200 fires in the home were caused by unattended candles and tealights. We know that they can be relaxing, but it is essential that they are used safely. These are some tips for staying safe - 

  • Try using LED or battery powered candles, there are many available that can create a very realistic effect and they are far safer;
  • Do not leave candles or tealights unattended and always make sure they are put out completely before going to bed;
  • Always use heat resistant holders and make sure that they are on a stable surface away from flammable items;
  • Never use candles or tealights on a window cill next to an open window and / or net curtains;
  • Keep candles and tealights out of the reach of children and pets.

The London Fire Brigade provide some great advice about safe use of candles on their website.


Useful links 

Please remember to test your smoke alarms regularly or contact us if you require smoke alarms.